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"A day without squirrels is a day without sunshine." --Virginia Carper

There are too many websites on the net giving squirrels a bad name. Such sites are made by anti-squirrel fantatics, and seem to be everywhere. I think it's about time we spread the truth around, to tell people that squirrels aren't as evil as they've been portrayed by squirrel haters. Although not really a group, the Squirrel Rights League (SRL) automatically considers you a "member" if you like our cause. The top two squirrel photos are an Abert squirrel and a fox squirrel, two of America's most beautiful mammals.

In your backyard, city parks and woodlots, you see several squirrels and their cute antics. However, when you go deep into a forest, you probably rarely see a squirrel because they are hiding from their predators. Some of these predators are humans who are hunters. However, hunters neither kill squirrels because they hate them, nor are the only cause of squirrel population declines. Loggers have already destroyed the homes of several species of squirrel, including the Delmarva Fox Squirrel and the Mount Graham Red Squirrel, both endangered species no thanks to the loggers. Also, some squirrel haters in their heartless rage hunt squirrels and even chipmunks in their own yard or neighborhood. This is often illegal because most states have closed seasons on squirrels. Important: If anyone is known to hunt squirrels out of season, please click here.

To Cat Owners: Of course man isn't the only creature that harms squirrels. There's predators. I would normally forgive nature for it's cruelty. Cats have been brought here from Europe. Cat lovers, please don't take this out of context, I don't personally hate your cats. Please just keep them indoors and neuter them if they are outdoors. Or better yet, but a bell on your cat's collar so that the squirrels will know to run when they hear it.

Too often in my life, I have encountered people who judge me based on my appreciation and affection towards squirrels. It has become so annoying, that I have decided to write a brief page about this. Click here to read it.

If you love squirrels:
You are on the right track. They are attractive backyard companions, and they also make great pets when tamed. They are so lovable, that there has been something founded called The Squirrel Lover's Club, which we are not affiliated with. We love all animals, especially squirrels, because we sympathize for them considering they are among the most defamed of animals on the internet. Attention Squirrel Lovers: Due to all the negative publicity, I encourage all of you to build a website based on Squirrel Rights or any other type of page that sympathizes for squirrels. I recommend squirrel lovers to make "Pro-Squirrel Coalition" chapter pages for each state (for example, the Florida Chapter of the Pro-Squirrel Coalition which is mine.) Also, I need people to join my Pro-Squirrel Ring! If you wish, I have a mailing list that is free to subscribe to: Squirrel Family List.

If you hate squirrels:
You must be taught differently.
Perhaps they get into your birdfeeders: Buying a squirrel feeder will cause the squirrels to forget about the food left for the birds, and eventually they will recognize their own food. If you don't want to feed squirrels (unimaginable!) there are several commercial squirrel-proof bird feeders.
Perhaps they get in your garden: Realize that squirrels, and chipmunks as well, are more attractive and more fun to watch than garden flowers.
Perhaps you just think they're evil: Can you prove it biblically? How about scientifically?
Perhaps you think they're rats: There's so much you should learn about Zoology. Although rats and squirrels are both rodents, they are nothing alike. Saying a squirrel is a bushy tailed rat is like saying a human is a tailless lemur. Not that I have anything against rats, they make good pets.
Perhaps you think they spread disease: Any disease squirrels get, such as plague or rabies, usually comes from another animal. The squirrel dies shortly after, and the disease is not spread. This happens in ground squirrels more often than any other type of squirrels.
Perhaps they eat fledgling birds: A squirrel deprived of their natural protein supplements (nuts, seeds, etc.) will find other means of obtaining their protein. Don't hate them for eating birds any more than you would hate a hawk for eating a squirrel.

Here's some anti-squirrel fanatic philosophy: "Kill, kill, kill!" Now, doesn't that sound rather primitive?

Other important links:

Why Hate Rodents? - I made this page to educate the public about rodents in general. "Rodent" is a frequently misused word about a frequently misunderstood group of mammals.
List of Exotic Pet Dealers - Many people requested info about where they can get a pet squirrel.
About Me - The creator of this webpage.


Note: If you found a baby squirrel, a good website to go to would be: Squirrel Wildlife Rehab. A lot of people who found one went to my chat room to talk about it, and that's okay, you may talk about anything squirrel related.

Squirrel Control

I admit that all animals, including squirrels, have their bad sides. Some of you don't want squirrels in your attic or bird feeders, or believe they are pesky in another way. If you don't want any squirrels around, lethal control is neither advisable nor reasonable. Please visit the following link:

Squirrel Control
Ban Cruel Rodent Control!
The Chipmunk Awareness Page

My voting booths:

Help Put a Closed Season on Squirrel Hunting in Texas
Vote for your favorite pet squirrel name
What is your attitude about Wildlife and Nature?
Vote for the cutest squirrel!
Vote for your favorite animal (Not my booth; but please vote for squirrel, chipmunk, or prairie dog!)
Test Your Squirrel Knowledge New!!!

Note: I was surprised to see how few of you chose "mouth" for your opinion. Don't you like the way they nibble? Or their built-in smile? Or their adorable buck-teeth?

Advocates on the rights of squirrels:

Ed Muzika's Page - An animal lover who works for the city and wants to make organizations that will stop beaurocracy.
The Fund for Animals - An animal organization who volunteered to help.
Animal Rights Law - A page to speak in defence of the animals (including squirrels).
Dutch Squirrel Rescue Foundation - Great page coming from the same country. They wanted to help, but were too late. :-(

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