Thank God for squirrels

There are reasons I found in the Bible why God made squirrels for people to love rather than to hate. Although squirrels aren't mentioned in the Bible, some biblical references may apply to squirrels.

Genesis 1:25 said that after God created the animals, He called them good. Amos 5:15 tells you to hate what's evil and to love good. Therefore animals, including squirrels, are good in God's eyes, and He is pleased with people who love them.

Jesus probably loved squirrels because he has always been around people who are neglected and disliked, and he loved and forgived those people. Squirrels are often neglected and disliked, so we can be certain he loves them as well.

Good News!

Animals, including squirrels, will be in heaven. This is biblical, and there are several verses that confirm this. Here are some links that prove this belief:

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