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Does voting party have anything to do with squirrels?

If your answer is "no," you're right. I am trying to prove the people wrong who think the answer is "yes". Reminder: pro-squirrel means you love squirrels, like squirrels, or are indifferent to squirrels. Anti-squirrel means you don't like squirrels at all. (Note: not all browsers will except Java Quizlets)

Update: I have the results of the Quizlet and it is not here anymore because I'm done. Fortunatly, I wrote down the results before someone spammed the Quizlet to make it look like most Squirrel Lovers are Democrats. Here's the statistics:

49% of Pro-Squirrel People were Republican
16% of Pro-Squirrel People were Democrat
34% of Pro-Squirrel People were another party

23% of Anti-Squirrel People were Republican
38% of Anti-Squirrel People were Democrat
38% of Anti-Squirrel People were another party

93% of Republicans were Pro-Squirrel
7% of Republicans were Anti-Squirrel

74% of Democrats were Pro-Squirrel
26% of Democrats were Anti-Squirrel

86% of Other party were Pro-Squirrel
14% of Other party were Anti-Squirrel

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