Why I Hate Rap

Before you start cussing about this website, I have the right to my opinion. Many rap fans think it is racist to hate rap. This is not true. Anti-rap is NOT racist. I hate rap because:

1. It is not music. Music has been around for thousands of years in thousands of different forms. Music is supposed to be a thing of beauty, enjoyed by everyone. Rap is just made by people who can't sing, accompanied by an obnoxious rhythm in the background. I believe that the frustration that rappers have based on knowing that they can't sing causes them to cuss frequently in their lyrics.

2. It promotes drug use, prostitution and violence. In my opinion, rap should be banned because rap lyrics contain promotion of drug use, prostitution, and violence.

3. The world would be a lot better off without rap. Part of the reason why many members of the Islamic nation and other societies hate Americans is because of America's pop culture. Rap is seen by evil by other cultures, who lash out against Americans for this reason. I myself am a Christian American, and believe that rap is both supported and appreciated by the Devil himself.

4. Rap is Racist. Rap fans who think anti-rap is racist are hypocrites, because rap often contains hate lyrics against non-blacks. Not only that, it perpetuates black stereotypes. Please see Exposing Racism in Rap for a list of lyrics that prove that rap is racist.

I suppose you're wondering what kind of music I listen to... Christian Alternative is one of my favorite kinds of music, as well as contemporary instrumental music.
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