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Parks and Wildlife

Parks visited by me and the wildlife I've seen

Alexander Springs State Park
This park is located near Ocala, FL. I haven't been to this park in a few years, but as I recall, it has a really deep spring that nobody's allowed to dive in. Anyway, it's pretty cool.

Raccoons are quite common at this park.

The squirrels are quite tame here. Here's one I called Pinky.

Blackwater Springs State Park

It was quite rainy when I visited this park to camp. It is located on the panhandle of Florida. The wildlife I've seen here include gray squirrels, raccoons, bats, and cottontail rabbits. Fox squirrels live here too, but I haven't seen any.

Although hard to see, this sign shows what birds, mammals, and reptiles can be found here.

Here is a picture of the river.

Cedar Hill State Park

This park is south of Dallas, TX. I went to Texas in May 2003. Above is a couple views of the park. I didn't see a whole lot of wildlife there, mainly birds.

McKinney Falls State Park

This park is near Austin, TX. I went to Texas in May 2003. Above is a picture of a rabbit and 4 pictures of a fox squirrel seen in the park.

Lake Ray Roberts State Park

This park is in north Texas, between the towns of Sanger and Pilot Point. Above is some rocks that reminded me of the surface of Mars.

Above are 3 armadillos that have gotten close to me while hunting for ants. Other critters I've seen in this park are fox squirrels, deer, and various birds and reptiles.
Seminole State Park

This park is in southwest Georgia. Above is typical habitat of the Sherman's fox squirrel.

Along with fox squirrels, I've seen gray squirrels, Canada geese, and woodpeckers here.

A fox squirrel hiding behind a tree.

This is a lake that supports a variety of wildlife species, including alligators and beavers.

Shenandoah National Park

This is the first National Park I've ever visited. It's about 100 miles long, a few miles wide, and located in western Virginia. Wildlife I've seen here include chipmunks, squirrels, and lots of deer.

Here's one of several deer at this vast park.

Wekiva Springs State Park

Located north of Orlando, this is probably my favorite state park in Florida. The first time I've ever seen a fox squirrel was in this park. The Sherman's fox squirrel, which is the kind we see in Florida, is a threatened species. Other wildlife I've seen here include gray squirrels, deer, and plenty of bird species.

You can almost see a fox squirrel on that tree in Wekiva.