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My Faith

Update: I grew up believing in the Bible, and I've read it regularly. However, when searching for answers, I ended up with more questions. I found so many errors and contradictions in the Bible over the years that I wasn't sure if it was truly the inspired word of God. I also have had doubts that any religious text written by man could be directly from God. I considered the belief in Deism, which is a reason-based belief in God without the reliance of any religious text written by men. Some of the most brilliant people of all time, including Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, apparently were Deists. I still, however, believe in Jesus, so even if the Bible has many man-made errors, it doesn't mean the story of Jesus is an error.

Here are some things I believe:

  1. God created the universe through a period of billions of years.
  2. God orchestrated the evolution of man and all other life-forms.
  3. Heaven is an eternal paradise far beyond the imaginations of man.
  4. As for Hell, it's not something I like to talk about.
  5. God is an omniscient being whose attributes are so far beyond our comprehension, that man cannot write books about Him and call it "truth" any more than a bug can write about humans. However, there is so very much evidence supporting the virgin birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, that I can't possibly deny Him.
  6. God gave us the Earth to enjoy, not destroy.

Please see my YouTube Videos regarding my faith and other things: My Channel (cre8ivmind)

My original belief in God is still the same:
First off, there definitely IS a God. It is foolish to think it not so. I mean, how can the complexities of life just accidently evolve in to us and the other life-forms on the planet? And just about every human culture around the world seems to instinctually believe in a higher power, and tries to seek Him. Also, consider all the systems in the body: circulatory, nervous, alimentory (sp.), etc.; all working together in harmony to keep the body alive. Sounds pretty smart! A super-super genius must have fashioned it, and His name is God. Also consider the animals with all their different forms with spots, and stripes, and whatnot. And cuteness: how can this have evolved by a blind process? Certainly God had intentionally created certain animals to be adorable to please mankind. Here are some websites that prove there IS a God:

Does God Exist? - Six Reasons to Believe He is There
A Practical Man's Proof of God

Here is my original stance on my Christian upbringing:
So, why am I a Christian and not another religion? Isn't it narrow-minded to believe that is the only way? Well, I tend to think of my faith as a relationship rather than a religion. Everybody sins, and initially nobody is bound for heaven. That is why Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago. So long as I have Jesus in my heart, I know I'm going to heaven. As for narrow-mindedness, please consider the following links; they can explain it better than I can:

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Now that I've discussed my faith, I would also like to point out my opinions that I don't expect all Christians to agree with me on. For instance, I know that Jesus is the most important reason for going to heaven, but I believe that we will see all our friends and relatives too. Animals will also be there. I mean, why not? People that don't believe this are putting limits on God. If there are no animals in Heaven, then there also must not be any inanimate objects there, such as the ground, mansions, trees, etc. Then we'd be floating in an endless void for eternity! Do we want that? Nope, not me. So I'm sure animals at least native to Heaven will be there. A question remains whether our pets from Earth will meet us there, so it's a cautious maybe on that one. But I hope so! Here are some links that prove with Bible verses that animals will be in, and/or go to heaven:

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Animals in Heaven - A Video by Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe
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Nature Appreciation: One thing that bothers me is when people think that just because I enjoy and wish to take care of God's creation that automatically means I "worship nature." Of course I know Christians aren't supposed to worship the creation, only the Creator. I enjoy nature because God created it as a gift for us. Also, I believe that it is better to enjoy something created by God than to enjoy man's creation. Consider sports for example. Many Christians love sports. Wouldn't that be worse than enjoying nature, because it is something made by man? Not to say that sports are evil, but it seems to me that many Christians are giving up the things of God to pursue the things of man. If you gave a child a gift, don't you expect him/her to enjoy it, and take care of it? Creation enjoyment is NOT nature worship!!!!

Lastly, I must add that it is certain that Christians won't all agree amongst ourselves about various issues. It is not just between denominations, but also among individual Christian believers that differences in opinion arrise. But that is not important because everyone is entitled to their opinions. In fact, no two people will agree on absolutely every issue. So long as we agree to disagree agreeably. However, the most important belief we are to have is that only through Jesus Christ we are saved (John 3:16). Here are websites of the churches I've attended:

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