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The following are essays I have written.

On Creed Discrimination - I often feel I am discriminated against for the way I view things.
On Rodents - About a misunderstood group of animals bearing a frequently misused name.
Asperger Syndrome - About a disorder related to autism. Affected persons are very misunderstood. I wrote this for my Sociology class back in April 1999.
Squirrels--Why are they being neglected? - Read this to learn to notice squirrels.
My opinion on opinions - What types of opinions do you have? Find out here.
My thoughts on hunting - Read this if you think I'm a tree-hugger. You might be surprised.
Rikki - About a pet Richardson ground squirrel I loved and lost.

Papers I've written for my Zoology courses:

Ground-dwelling squirrels and hibernation
Pecan-handling time for the Eastern gray squirrel
Gray squirrel activity schedule

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